Welcome to Socii Coffee!

Welcome to Socii Coffee

We believe that the coffee industry embodies much more than an industry. To us, the coffee industry represents a populous global community rich with diversity and complexity. This industry, in particular, impacts the lives of millions of people, and in many cases, defines the economic opportunity of whole cultures. The product of the coffee industry consists of small beans comprised of attributes in the soil, sun, water, and air of their respective regions. The craftsmanship of farmers, pickers, processors, importers, and roasters enhance these characteristics, which are in turn coaxed out of the beans into satisfying beverages by the hands of skilled baristas and in homes of coffee lovers.    


Since 2014, Socii has imported these valuable green coffees to the US from the communities we visit, know, and with whom we have developed direct relationships. In some cases, we import green coffee lots that represent many individuals and families; we refer to these as community lots.

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In other cases, we import lots derived from farms owned by a single individual or family; we refer to these as micro-lots. We continually work to improve and refine our process to provide you with the most direct relationships possible with the farms from which your coffee originates. Within our selections, you will find direct trade information about the farmers as well as their farms, plants, and the processes they have chosen for the product they cultivate and provide.   

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While we offer coffees from many different regions, Honduras is where our coffee sourcing roots run deepest. We have invested greatly into our own processing and exporting facility that is operated and overseen by excellent coffee professionals. Whether you are looking for full containers or just one pound of the best Honduran coffees, we offer and have access to the premier products you need. 

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What makes us truly unique is our ethically focused business methodology. We source coffee directly from producers we know. By means of the relationships we’ve developed with producers, Socii has committed to seeing that the individuals and families we source from becoming as successful as possible. We pay the farmers as much as possible without pushing the coffee out of the value position that the greater coffee market is willing to pay. Despite the fluctuating prices of coffee due to numerous market pressures, we have always and continue to pay well above the market and the premiums paid by obtaining certifications. By supporting the economic growth of the farmers, we in turn bolster the work opportunities and treatment of the seasonal coffee pickers employed by these farmers. 

Farmer Initiatives

Additionally, we offer you and your company the opportunity to provide direct additional financial benefits by paying an optional quality premium that we pass on to the producers on your behalf. 

Farmer Initiatives

Socii also invests in several projects each year to aid coffee producers in the improvement of their farms and income. Some of the types of development programs Socii is best equipped to undergo are nursery programs, soil conservation projects, disaster relief, and food security initiatives. 

Farmer Initiatives

We invite our clients and customers to participate in supporting these programs at any level.   

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