Whether you are a small-scale roaster or you buy by the pallet, you may feel that directly traded, eco-conscious coffee is out of reach, but we’ve got you covered. We sell green coffee farmed with eco-friendly methods and purchased through ethical practices. And we offer it in quantities from one pound samples to 25 pound bags. But contact us if you want more—even if it’s multiple containers.

You will find many curated coffee offerings from around the world on this site, but what makes us special is our commitment to our direct trade model developed in Honduras. Tell us what it will take for you to roast and sell perfectly brewed coffee, and we’ll help you get what you need when you need it.

Growth Is A Product of Care and Commitment

Our goal is to help both roasters and producers flourish—to partner with them in their efforts to improve their coffee, homes, businesses, and communities. We are here to serve coffee enthusiasts and entrepreneurs at every level—from crop to cup—to make our world a better, more sustainable (and tastier) place in any way we can.