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Honduras has a long, interesting, and sometimes sad past. Since the early 1700s, coffee has been an important part of that history. Honduras has six different places where coffee is grown: Copan, Montecillos, Opalaca, Agalta, Comayagua, and El Paraiso (Socii Coffee Trading sources from 3 of these regions). The country of Honduras makes a lot of coffee. Under normal conditions, the number of bags made puts the country around fifth or sixth in the world. Honduras isn't known as a great place to get high-quality specialty coffee because it has strong ties to production over quality. At Socii, we think of this as a chance. Most of the coffee grown in the country is Catimore, but you can also find older and better varieties. Full-Washed coffee is the norm in Honduras, but specialty processing is becoming more common as farmers realize they can make more money with it. During harvest time in Honduras, the weather is warm, and decisions must be made quickly at the mill level to see if a special process can be used. Socii Coffee Trading has put money into Honduran coffee over the past ten years. They think that all coffee roasters can use these coffees in different ways. Honduran SHG Catimores is a good and inexpensive base for blending. These beans taste like milk chocolate and roasted almonds up front. They have a smooth body and a mild acidity. With these beans, you can make great drip coffee and espresso blends. Micro-lots of Arabica beans grown at altitudes above 1600 meters can compete with any other micro-lots of Central or South American coffees in terms of quality.