Healthy soil and thriving communities produce the best coffee. At Socii Coffee Trading, we want to foster both in our partner regions. As a result…

We invest in the farmers with whom we work.

We concentrate on caring for the earth.

We design our environmental operations in a way that benefits or reduces harm to the planet.

  • Direct Trade

    We know the people who grow your coffee.

    Some of them aren’t close friends yet, but we’re getting to know them. We want to know them. Their farms. Their families. Their plans for the future. And we want to help them achieve those goals.

    And we want you to know them too. That’s why we’re always working to remove unnecessary barriers the industry has set up between you and the person who grows your coffee.

  • Community Initiatives

    Because we work so closely with our coffee-producing friends around the world, we’ve worked with them to improve the quality of the soil on their farms, which improves the quality of the coffee you drink.

    And it helps secure the future of coffee farms and farmers in the face of climate change and natural disasters.