Our Values

Coffee farming regions rank among the most beautiful places in the world. Unfortunately, they’re also some of the most exploited.

But they don’t have to be.

You can help agricultural families, communities, and ecosystems thrive simply by purchasing coffee from a company with ethical practices and a commitment to transparency.

Socii Coffee Trading is just that.

Our core values keep us grounded in a vision of industry change. They keep our business honest and our operation sound so you can feel good about every Socii bean you roast or cup you brew.

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At Socii Coffee, we foster a business community that helps partners flourish in every level of our supply chain. As we work, we find ways to help people grow in skills, knowledge, and character, equipping and preparing them for wherever life may take them. And we constantly expand our expertise so we can help green coffee customers market their roasts effectively.

As a company, we also ensure all partners feel appreciated and valued. From the farmer in a field to the barista in a coffee shop, everyone understands the importance of their role in making Socii Coffee successful.

Ongoing Stewardship

Every business has a responsibility to protect its resources. Socii Coffee is no exception. So, we help coffee farmers learn and use environmentally conscious farming techniques that improve their land and crops. We also utilize eco-friendly mills that conserve water as they process our beans. We even take care with our packaging, cutting plastics when possible and using bags made of 100% cotton muslin.

Although one of our primary goals is to maintain a thriving business, we also value the planet and people we work with. To truly succeed, we must care for the company, the workers, and the environment equally.

Commitment to Excellence

Our work speaks for itself. At Socii Coffee, we constantly evaluate and improve all aspects of the company. Not only do we sell the best possible products, but we also push for clear marketing, efficient operations, and clean facilities. We take pride in everything we do.

Integrated Care

As a company, we care for everyone who works with us, including teammates, co-workers, coffee farmers, and customers. So, we’ve created a corporate culture of mindful, service-oriented practices.

For example, we offer employees hands-on leadership and job training and encourage them to grow their careers—even if that process takes them somewhere else. We also emphasize a work/life balance so staff members can lead full lives outside the office.

These positive policies discourage mediocrity and keep us from compromising relationships with families, co-workers, suppliers, and customers. As a result, our staff members get the rest they need to stay efficient, and our company remains a healthy place to work.

Intentional Honesty and Truth

Socii Coffee will only achieve its goals through a deep commitment to self-assessment and clear communication. Therefore, we strive for honesty. When we make mistakes, we readily admit them, we work to improve, and we communicate any lessons we learn so others can avoid the same pitfalls.

We also understand that we can’t fear the truth. Ignoring the reality of our situation or the consequences of our actions will only damage our business and the relationships we have built with farmers and roasters. Instead, we face the truth and use it as a guide toward a better future for our company, partners, and customers.