Why Socii?

A cup of Socii coffee is not just a shot of caffeine. Instead, it’s the product of an intricate process designed to benefit every person involved.

  • Investing in Growers

    One of our main goals is to care for our farming partners. We want to help them improve their crops and environments and grow the best possible products.

    We also believe in a holistic approach to coffee production that focuses on actual results instead of trends. Suppose our agricultural techniques aren’t working for a community. In that case, we’ll change them no matter how popular they may be or how long growers have been using them. If our work is harming the environment, we fix it. We keep our operation small and flexible so all involved get the best possible returns for their labor.

Our variety of sizes offers flexibility for a roasting business or hobby of any size.

*One pound size for sampling or hobby roasting

*25 pound Grain Pro bags for simple shipping, affordable commitment, and variety of options

*60kg bags, pallets, containers, straight from origin for ultimate tracability and direct shipment savings.

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