Direct Trade

The coffee industry is full of buzzwords and terms relating to how coffee is bought and processed, including “direct trade.” But what does that term actually mean to us?

  • The Socii Network

    For Socii Coffee, the term “direct trade” describes a close network of Socii staff and coffee growers, processors, and roasters that fosters healthy livelihoods and communities.

    To maintain this network, our company not only purchases beans from Honduran farmers but also develops year-round relationships in their communities. Our staff works with producers to promote and teach improved agricultural practices. Better practices produce better beans, which means better quality coffee for our customers and better income for producing families.

    If your company wants to become an active part of this network, contact us to learn more about our community initiatives or tip the farmer below.

  • Farm to Roaster

    We built our own milling facilities in Honduras to ensure quality and traceability, and we want to build even more as our network grows. We are directly involved with people, and we are directly managing every step of the coffee from the farm to your roaster.

    You’re invited into the direct trade process. As a Socii Coffee customer, you can build your own relationships with growers by purchasing micro-lot or community-lot beans.

    We offer you the opportunity to meet producers personally and to visit their farms. We believe the closer you are to the grower, the deeper your appreciation of the crop will become. And that appreciation will help strengthen direct trade.

    Because to us, direct trade is more than a series of transactions. It’s a community built on strong, personal relationships.

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