About Us

How much do you know about your coffee? Do you know who grew it? Do you know how fairly they were paid? And do you know how the beans you brew or roast have impacted the environment?

With Socii Coffee Trading, you can sip without hesitation because our company is transparent about how we do business. And we use our resources to protect farmers and their fields. In fact, Socii accomplishes what larger raw coffee providers don’t—we source beans from entire communities in which we have invested.

Our founders, Travis and Julie Hester, established the company in 2011 after witnessing the coffee industry exploit Central American farmers. As a reaction to those harmful practices, they built a business grounded in the principles of truth, honesty, stewardship, and excellence. And they named it “Socii,” an ancient Roman term describing a system of mutual benefit between regions.

Then, after years of work and a leap of faith, Socii sold its first beans in 2014.

Since then, our company has grown exponentially, developing personal, year-round relationships with farmers in Honduras, Guatemala, Sumatra, and Laos. But we also go further, enacting lasting change in coffee-producing regions and helping to improve farm infrastructure in partnering communities. This allows growers to work more efficiently and reap more benefits from their labor.

As we look toward the future, we are finding ways to produce high-quality beans for years to come. Consequently, we are implementing environmental initiatives in each partner community to help preserve the land and ecosystems crucial to coffee production. It’s all a part of our plan to make the coffee industry better—one mug of rich, warm coffee at a time.