Central Region Intibucá Community Lot

The producers who take part in the Central Region Intibucá Communtiy Lot are small plot producers. Many of them are women producers who manage farms and work hard to grow plants to the exact specifications to maintain the certifications in order to get the most from their beans and to produce the best cup of coffee possible. 

There is much pride in the beans that have been harvested after weeks, and months, and years of commitment and perseverance. We would like to give you the opportunity to show extra appreciation to your favorite producers. Gratuities given will be given directly to the farmers.

Buy From this Lot

Available in various quantities. 1lb, 5 lb, 25 lb, and 60kg

Tip the Farmers of Intibucá

Do you want to give extra straight to the farmer for their hard work?  This money will be given straight to the farmer. We are super excited about this!

Ask the Farmer

Have specific questions for this group of farmers? We will communicate these questions with the farmers and get them back to you.