Simple Purpose

We believe being the best begins with an outward focus. At Socii we strive to serve. Service to producers, roasters, and our community is a simple cause that defines our approach to work.

Ongoing Stewardship

We must care for and utilize the resources we have in a way that is consistent with our purpose. This includes both material resources and human resources. Learn more about our social initiatives here.

Commitment to Excellence

We will strive to always do our best.

Integrated Care

Our business is not just about the financial bottom line. It is also about caring for those around us.

Intentional Honesty and Truth

Without the truth we cannot improve.

About us

Socii’s coffee journey began in 2011. Our founders were living in Central America and were exposed to both the beauty and the tragedies of the coffee industry. This experience inspired the involvement and passion that we have been pursuing ever since. At Socii we see the coffee industry as a community. A global community that is mutually dependent on one another to create value for all.

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Better together

In naming our company, we searched for a word that encapsulates our view of community and our small place in the coffee industry. Socii is a Latin word taht originated during the time of the Roman Republic before the empire. The term Socii described a state made of people in affiliation for mutual benefit, that lasted almost 200 years. 


Socii, of the Roman Republic in classical times, a Latin noun meaning “comrade, friend, ally,” and used to describe a bond or interaction between friendly parties, or at least civil; it has given rise to the word “society.”

For our clients

Coffee importing and green coffee sales

Coffee product development and training

Product sales and services

Coffee roasting and co-packing

Spirit of collaboration

To us, direct trade does not mean flying into origin, cupping coffee, choosing a lot based on the cup, and buying it. For Socii, direct trade means

  • year-round relationships with producers.
  • partnering with farms and buyers to improve cup quality.
  • investing in farm improvements and infrastructure to support our commitments.

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