About Us

Socii – A Global Community – Friends

Our company began with an appreciation of the Global community that the coffee industry represents and a love for the beauty and craft great coffee requires. Truly, coffee is the social elixer of planet earth, a representation of millions of producers, thousands of communities, and craftsmanship of dedicated roasters, baristas, and home brewers. Socii‘s mission is to be a great connector; linking the right coffee to the right buyer in the most direct and positively impactful manner.

Our Commitment

Direct Trade with Excellence

To us, direct trade does not mean flying into origin, cupping coffee, choosing a lot based on the cup, and buying it. For Socii, direct trade means

  • year-round relationships with producers.
  • partnering with farms and buyers to improve cup quality.
  • investing in farm improvements and infrastructure to support our commitments.

Who Are We?

Socii has been sourcing and importing amazing coffees since 2014. We import coffee representing the unique attributes of both coffee and culture. As you peruse our website, you’ll discover our passion for coffee and the people and places that make great coffee possible. 

We believe every bean has a home. If your company is looking for an incredible single-origin offering or beans for blending to create margin driving blends Socii can help you source the correct coffee for your purposes.

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