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Farm Support

In November 2020, two devastating hurricanes hit Central America causing terrible damage. Heavy rains created flooding and mudslides displacing thousands, and wrecking agricultural highlands.

Socii coffee is committed to the wellbeing of all producers and seeks to use our business to mobilize interested partners to help those in need.

Our leadership team made the commitment at the beginning of 2020 to focus on four key initiatives for the next five years.

Tip the Farmer

In order to produce amazing coffee, producers have to put the extra work in, planting, tending, picking, and processing. Let them know you appreciate their hard work by giving directly to the producer of your favorite coffee beans.

Tip the farmer
Plant Project

For just $1.50 per plant, Socii can supply seedlings to producers working to reestablish their farms. (Includes seedling, fertilizer, transportation, teaching.)

Buy a seedling
Food Security

With farms damaged in the recent floods, the income for many coffee producers will be impacted for the next three to five years. Socii has committed to providing boxes of food staples to farming families who suffer food insecurity. ($25 per food box)

Buy a food box
Eco Friendly Initiative

Socii has adopted several environmentally conscious initiatives to help producers and their communities adopt practices that reduce negative environmental impacts. Investing in Eco-Mills, composting operations, education, and organic practices, Socii is committed to good stewardship of the environment.   

Eco-Friendly Initiative

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